In previous times, people used to think that women cannot do anything more than sitting at home and looking after household work. But women of this generation have proved them wrong.  Nowadays, women are not left behind in any sector, they are moving forward and making their well-respected position in every possible branch. 

For instance, you can take the example of the women’s cricket team, earlier only men or boys were allowed to play sports. But now is the time when women are playing international and world cup crickets and proving wrong to the conservative thinking of people. Now, women’s cricket is loved by people and they have made a really appreciative team including all the countries. 

T20 Women’s Cricket Team

T20 women's cricket

Talking about the T20 women’s team, then the strongest team considered in this is Australia. This country has won the match of 2020, whereas the runner up was India. In this, India was the first of all teams which passed for the semi-final in 2020. The match was very interesting which was played among different teams and the last match was held in Melbourne. 

Women’s t20 has exactly the same rule as the men’s cricket match and is played in the same year sometimes. Like, when West Indies won the match for the world cup, in fact that year the women ‘s world cup team also won the world cup. Mithali Raj is one of the finest players on the women’s cricket team who plays very well and is also captain of the women’s Indian cricket team. 

Infact now also most people do not know women’s cricket as much as people know about men’s cricket. However, this is wrong. There should be the same excitement and crowd as people have for men’s cricket to appreciate and to encourage them. 

Suzie Bates is the women cricket player of New Zealand and she has scored maximum score in international t20 matches. Whereas, Indian player Mithali Raj is also present in this row who has scored more than 2000 runs along with Hardeep Kaur and this list goes on new players are also making their position in this list.  

T20 women’s cricket match has not started for very long. The first t20 women cricket match international was started in 2004, and it was played among England and New Zealand, likely women’s cricket started to take part in other cricket matches also. 

In almost all countries cricket is the most loved and seen sport more than any other sports especially in India. But people forget about the women’s cricket team and how they are taking the name of this sport as well as the name of their country forward. 

Women’s players have made many records in T20 cricket matches, the most of them were Indian. The last T20 cricket match was played in 2020. In this article, I have mentioned all about women’s T20 cricket. I hope you liked this article.